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Speed up your go to market process & serve customers before your competitor does

Solutions are ready to use platforms which can be customized as per our need. Solutions reduce your go to market duration and allow you to launch your ideas when customers need it. For many businesses the only reason of failure is they extends launching of business models because of lengthy development from scratch

SoftWander’s one stop solutions are fully customizable, tested, user friendly and ready to use which allows you to go to market within short span.

Use Cases

Softwander’s customized solutions can be used with different use cases like Food Delivery, Multipurpose Ecommerce, Learning Management Systems, Office Admin Suits and many more

Food Delivery

Are Swiggy, Zomato like businesses taking over you business ?

Don’t let Zomato, Swiggy take over your business, save that commission by starting your own platform. We’ll take care of the rest!


  • Customer App
  • Admin Panel
  • Delivery Boy App

Shopping App

Want to reduce dependencies on Amazon, Flipkart ?

Start your own shopping app in cost effective way and reduce your dependencies on third party   giants.


  • Shopping App
  • Control Panel
  • Delivery Boy App

Learning Management System

Do you want survive your education system post this pandemic ?

Transform the way of learning of your students & teaching of your trainers. Go online, utilize these restriction for your global expansion.


  • Student’s App
  • Trainer’s Panel
  • Admin Panel


Want to implement your

Our Solutions can be customized in thousand different ways. Tell us your vision and we’ll take it as our mission.


  • Cost Savvy
  • Time Savvy
  • Robust

What You Get ?

70% Reduced Cost

80% Time Saving

100% Customizable

Robust and Stable

User Friendly

Ready to Market

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