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    We aim to make you Industry Ready

    90% of companies require experienced Digital Marketers and to fulfill their requirements, Softwander has brought a unique Training & Experience program in Digital Marketing.

    MBAs and other courses teach you Digital Marketing but we make you Industry Ready. Our 10+ years of experienced trainers are working professionals, unlike other institutes or training that makes sure you are updated with this dynamically changing industry

    We have divided the program into different modules to help you achieve the right objectives

    Course Overview

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Lesson 2: Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing
    • Lesson 3: Opportunities for freshers & professionals
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to SEO
    • Lesson 2: How Search Engines Work
    • Lesson 3: Keyword Research
    • Lesson 4: On-Page Optimization
    • Lesson 5: Website Management and Optimization
    • Lesson 6: Off-Page SEO
    • Lesson 7: Planning A New Website
    • Lesson 8: Market Your Optimized Website
    • Lesson 9: Analytics and Measurement
    • Lesson 10: What’s Next-Learning Pattern
    • How to optimize company pages
    • Social media strategy
    • Social media calendar for month
    • Post scheduling
    • Social media centralize management tools
    • Benefits of post scheduling
    • Social media post copywriting
    • How and why to use Hashtags
    • Tools to identify Hashtags
    • How to use groups for promotions
    • Many other concepts

       Facebook Ads:

    • Facebook Business Manager
    • Facebook Ad account set up
    • User Management
    • Billing Setup
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Campaign objectives
    • Different Ad types
    • Remarketing
    • Catalogue
    • Event managing
    • Facebook Insight
    • Creating campaigns, Ad sets, ads
    • Ad Targeting
    • Monitor & optimize the campaigns

    LinkedIn Ads:

    • LinkedIn Ad account set up
    • User Management
    • Billing Setup
    • LinkedIn Insight
    • Campaign objectives
    • Different Ad types
    • Remarketing
    • LinkedIn Audiences
    • Creating campaigns, Ad sets, ads
    • Ad Targeting
    • Monitor & optimize the campaigns
    • LinkedIn Leads Manager

    Twitter Ads:

    • Twitter Ad account set up
    • User Management
    • Billing Setup
    • LinkedIn Insight
    • Campaign objectives
    • Different Ad types
    • Remarketing
    • Twitter Audiences
    • Creating campaigns, Ad sets, ads
    • Ad Targeting
    • Monitor & optimize the campaigns

    Section 1: Google Adwords Basics

    • Understanding Adwords
    • Google Ad Types
    • Pricing Models
    • PPC Cost Formula
    • Ad Page Rank
    • Billing and Payments
    • Adwords User Interface
    • Keyword Planning
    • Keywords Control
    • Creating Ad Campaigns
    • Creating Text Ads
    • Creating Ad Groups
    • Bidding Strategy for CPC
    • Practical Examples

    Section 2: Google Ads Intermediate

    • PPC, CPM, CPA
    • Other Measuring Tools
    • Bidding Strategy on Location
    • Bidding Strategy on Schedule
    • Bidding Strategy on Devices
    • Conversion Tracking Code
    • Designing Image Ads
    • Creating Animated Ads
    • Examples on Animated Ads
    • Creating Video Ads
    • Youtube Video Promotion
    • Practical Examples

    Section 3: Google Ads/Adwords Advanced

    • Remarketing Strategies
    • Remarketing Rules
    • Remarketing Tracking Code
    • Linking Google Analytics
    • Designing Remarketing Images
    • Shared Budget
    • GWD Software
    • Understanding Ecommerce 
    • Structure of Ecommerce Website & Mobile App
    • Different Goals in Ecommerce
    • Google Merchant Center
    • Google Shopping Feed
    • Facebook Catalogues Feed
    • Different campaign types in Ecommerce
    • Smart Ecommerce Remarketing with FB & Google
    • How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy
    • The Best Types of Online Video Content [Examples]
    • Video Metrics to Track and How to Analyze Them
    • YouTube Marketing
    • Exposure to Tubebuddy Tool (Exclusive)
      • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
      • Understanding Mobile Devices
      • Mobile Websites
      • Mobile Advertising & Bidding Options
      • Mobile Marketing Analytics
      • Introduction to Influencer Marketing
      • Types of Influencer Marketing
      • Benefits of Influencer Marketing
      • How to identify Influencers
      • How to contact Influencers
      • Offerings to Influencers
      • Everything you need to know about Webinar
      • Marketing Webinars
    1. Google Analytics
    2. Google Search Console
    3. Bing Webmaster
    4. HubSpot (Social Media, Marketing Automation, CRM)
    5. Tubebuddy (Exclusive)
    6. Google Keyword Planner
    7. Google Ads
    8. Google Merchant/Shopping Center
    9. Facebook Publishing Tools
    10. Facebook Insights
    11. Linkedin Analytics
    12. SEMrush
    13. MOZbar
    14. Skyfu
    15. Xenu
    16. Ubersuggest
    17. FreeSEOTools
    18. Canva
    19. WordPress
    20. All in One SEO
    21. YOAST SEO
    22. Elementor
    23. Redirection Plugin
    24. Total 30+ tools
    • Understanding Email Marketing
    • Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
    • Creating and sending a High-Performing Email
    • Bulk email sending tools & email deliverability
    • AB testing & lead nurturing
    • Marketing Automation with drip campaigns
    No Other Digital Marketing Courses Will Give This Module But Softwander Does!
    • Understanding structure of WordPress
    • Installing WordPress on both localhost and live server
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • Pages
    • Posts
    • Comments & User Management
    • Visual Editors (Elementor/WP-Beckery)
    • WordPress SEO
    • Building your own website
    • After each module completion and course completion you will be undergone through series of interviews
    • Interview questions will make you face actual industry competition
    • Our Interviewers have conducted hundreds of interviews of professionals & freshers
    • You’ll be guided individually on your weaknesses 
    • You will be guided from Industry Leaders during this program
    • Our guest list consist of Marketing Heads, Business Owners, Marketing managers of leading companies
    • You will get exposure of actual market 
    • You’ll be hired as Softwander’s or partner’s Digital Marketing profile
    • You’ll be working on Client or In-house project for 3/6/12 months under our guidance
    • You’ll get experience letter along with course and other certifications

    Course Packages

    We have designed our course packages for fresher, professionals & business owners. Select an appropriate package for you.

    2 Months Training Program​

    27K 18995 Limited Period Offer
    • Recommended to Professionals and Freshers who don't need experience.
    • This program covers all aspects of Digital Marketing with the perfect balance of theoretical & practical sessions.
    • Training will be live, online, and interactive.
    • Job updates
    • Download brochure to check full syllabus

    2 Months Training Program + 3 Months Experience​

    40K 26445 Limited Period Offer
    • Recommended to Business Owners & Freshers.
    • For every business owner, Digital Marketing is the pain point. Most businesses get manipulated by marketing agencies. So this is the perfect program where you learn & apply your Digital Marketing skills on live projects.
    • Fresher will get 3 Months' experience of working on live projects.
    • Job updates
    • Download brochure to check full syllabus

    2 Months Training Program + 6 Months Experience​

    60K 35445 Limited Period Offer
    • Recommended to Students & Freshers.
    • The industry is full of fake promises of guaranteed placements and jobs that we hate.
    • At Softwander, we believe in excellence that leads you to success.
    • Our 6 months experience program is assembled in the way that you will be outranking other candidates unintentionally.
    • Job updates
    • Download brochure to check full syllabus

    2 Months Training Program + 12 Months Experience​

    80K 45450 Limited Period Offer
    • Recommended to Freshers, Students & Freelancers.
    • The more you experience more you proceed towards bright future.
    • Our 12 months experience program allows you to manage multiple projects independently which makes you an industry professional and companies love to hire industry professionals.
    • After completion, you will be certified and experienced Digital Marketing Professional
    • Job updates
    • Download brochure to check full syllabus

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